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Transcription jobs are similar to data entry jobs, but in addition to having a good typing speed, you should have good listening skills.  The hourly rates for transcription jobs are usually higher than data entry jobs. Transcription work can be medical, business, legal or general.  General transcription includes transcription of  focus groups, sermons and interviews. Payment depends on the length of the audio file.Transcribeme seems to be a new website.  Bookmark this page


General transcription companies are posted here,medical transcription jobs are listed separately


Mountain West Processing - transcribers required to transcribe audio content of  corporate communications, web casts and other conferences. Must have a typing speed of  60 words per minute and be able to transcribe at least 60 minutes of  audio 3 times a week. Experience not required but compensation is lower than that of other companies


Professional Support Services - looking for general/corporate transcriptionists, corporate transcriptionists and proofreaders working from home as independent contractors. Minimum three years experience is required for all posts


Accentance requires freelance part time typists and transcriptionists familiar with North American English and British English. They also require Spanish transcriptionists and  translators.  Recordings are on digital audio files (MP3 and wav). Transcriptionists receive project notification by email. Payment is on per word basis and depends on turnaround time. The base pay per word is US$0.0004 and  a fast typist with a speed of  75 wpm can earn about US$10 per hour.  The normal turnaround time for an audio file is 4 days and there are penalties for delays. For poor quality audio or shorter turnaround times, the pay rate increases.  No experience is required to apply

You candownload a short audio file from their website to take the transcription test and submit the word file by email


Task transcription services - requires experienced typists for general/legal transcription, work from home . Work is available during the day, night and weekends. Company provides word processing services to law firms, doctors since 1988.  Hardware/software required include Microsoft Word/ Word Perfect, Infinity foot pedal and a high speed internet connection.


Vitac  requires

Realtime Captioners
Production Coordinators
Offline Captioners

Translators and multi-language quality control editors


Sten-tel - healthcare, insurance and business transcription work


Wheelers Post Production film services  - UK based company, hire globally


Neal R. Gross & Co. - legal transcription, will be changing to digital audio


Digi-Tran Inc  - Digital Transcription Services


StenoTran Services Inc - reporting services (Canada)


Outsec (UK based) - requires people from any country to provide online transcription, typing and secretarial services


Type Write-
Accurate Typing-
Cymetrix -
Fast Charts-

We will add details of  new companies offering work from home jobs regularly.  Kindly note that we do not recommend or endorse any company. Please  verify the  credentials of the company before taking up any work. We believe that any company that asks for upfront or initial payment/deposit for work at home jobs is likely to be a scam. More transcription jobs

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