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Transcription jobs are most easily available work from home jobs for a person with good typing speed. You can do the tests for most of thetranscription companies  with a basic computer with speakers and an  internet connection. You can use computer keyboard commands to play, pause, stop, rewind and fast forward the audio files.  However, most transcriptionists use a  headset and  a foot pedal., which makes transcription much easier and faster.

The only purchases you will need are a foot pedal and a set of decent headphones (full cover, not those ear buds).
The transcription company you are working with will inform you the kind of  foot pedal you need. The most popular type is the Infinity USB foot pedal which works with most transcription software. You can get a foot pedal from eBay, Best Buy or . They cost  US$60-70Depending on your PC configuration , you will need a foot pedal with a 9 pin, 15 pin or USB connection. The start stop pedal works well Start Stop software.

 To hear better, you need a set of  transcription headphones .  Spectra  headphones are designed  for transcription through the computer. They connect to the USB port of your computer and have audio control on the cord and a shirt clip.  Some transcriptionists use music headphones. Optimus brand earphones are comfortable and cost US$80-90. A headphone amplifier helps in transcription when people are speaking softly. It costs US$25-30.  Headphones and amplifiers can be purchased at EBay, Radioshack and other places.

Express Scribe is a free software to play audio files so you can transcribe them. Other free programs used to play audio files are FTR Player and The Record Player, from

General transcription companies are posted here,medical transcription jobs are listed separately 

More transcription jobs

We will add details of new equipment regularly.  Kindly note that we do not recommend or endorse any company. Please  verify the  credentials of the company before taking up any work. We believe that any company that asks for upfront or initial payment/deposit for work at home jobs is likely to be a scam.

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