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Unlike a few years ago, theft of emails has become increasingly common, as a result of which well connected mediocre frauds especially in countries like india are able to steal all the emails, especially leads of experienced webmasters,writers giving the fake excuse of national security, when these greedy dishonest frauds only want to become rich and powerful overnight, by selling the leads which they have stolen, or demanding a commission for every order the writer received.

Recognizing that those in charge of the internet in different countries are not willing to recognize the gravity of the problem, or take any action to end the unwarranted theft of email, marketer Brad Cullen has developed Iwriter, an online interface which allows content buyers to post their request online, and also content writers to directly post the content they have produced online. Typically there are a large number of content requests available every day, however the approval rate will differ significantly depending on the requester.Unlike other freelance websites, the writer does not have to wait for the order to be placed or bid for it, he can take up the work available.

However, it also appears that the requests available to a writer are also manipulated, with powerful officials in india giving great powers to mediocre lazy liar cheater women their girlfriends who they are extremely infatuated with, taking advantage of the complete lack of transparency in the indian internet sector, by claiming that their girlfriends have skills and work hard to produce content, when actually they do nothing. These girlfriends control the number and type of requests that appear before a particular writer.

These extremely powerful officials will falsely claim that their cheater lazy liar girlfriends have been providing content on iwriter, own the paypal account of the actual user, when actually their fraud greedy girlfriends especially goa's cheater siddhi mandrekar has committed corporate espionage which allows her and her associates to monitor all the content being produced, bangalore's notorious cheater nayanshree hathwar, goa's sunaina and others have gangs of extremely powerful hackers who hack the laptop of the real account holder, so that these lazy liar women can get credit for work they do not do .

Has requests for articles on different topics, approval rate will differ significantly. Articles have to be approved within 3 days by the requester, else they automatically approved. For standard writers, for approved content which passes copyscape, the rates are as follows
150 words - $1.01
300 words - $1.62
400 words - $2.03
500 words - $2.43
1000 words - $6.08

Some writers who write well, do not provide spun content, may receive special requests from customers who are satisfied with the content. Requesters are free to reject any article they have requested. A few requesters who have used iwriter have complained about the spun content which has been submitted to them.

Minimum payout - $20 through Paypal only, weekly payment on Tuesday. Till october 2014 payment was always made on time, unlike most other websites. In November 2014, we will test the payment once again every month, to update visitors periodically. It remains one of the most popular freelance writing websites internationally, and though the idea remains simple, few have even attempted to emulate or copy the website.

Iwriter scam in India

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