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There has been a great Iwriter scam in india because of the dishonesty of the most powerful officials in the internet sector in india and the powerful companies that control the internet in the country. These men judge a woman not by her competence, skills or hard work, but how good looking she is, whether she has long hair, and whether she is willing to provide sexual favors to the powerful men, use the casting couch to attain powers which she does not deserve.

Thus goa's greedy dishonest cheater medical electronics diploma holder siddhi mandrekar who committed corporate espionage, bsc sunaina, bangalore's fraud cheater housewife nayanshree hathwar who defrauded an engineer of more than Rs 1.1 lakh and other women, have extremely powerful gangs of officials supporting them, who abuse their powers to hack the laptop of the experienced webmaster, and then falsely claim that these lazy liar cheater women are doing all the work, when actually these lazy women cannot even write in proper english. These gangs are able to waste indian tax payer money to put the woman they have cheated under surveillance for years, so that they can harass her further, and take credit for work they do not do.

Because of these false claims, these cheater lazy liar young women are appointed to very lucrative government jobs, with great powers, privileges at the expense of the webmaster, who will be ruthlessly defamed, by the powerful cowardly gangs who hide behind the mediocre lazy cheater young women. Nowhere in the world, will such a big scam can continue for years, wherein laZy liar young women get credit for work which they do not do, because of the rampant corruption in the indian internet sector, while the experienced webmaster will be defamed as a lazy fool who does not do anything. Even bangalore cybercrime refuses to help the victim of the fraud by nayanshree hathwar and her associates.

Iwriter also recognizes the the great scam in the indian content sector, saying that if a woman is pretty, though she may be a dishonest mediocre lazy liar and cheater, she will be approved by the powerful dishonest corrupt arrogant men in charge of the indian internet sector for a very senior position in the indian internet sector. Thus though sriram hathwar has won the us spelling bee competition, a powerful hathwar who hides behind the cheater nayanshree hathwar, has ruthlessly and greedily defrauded a vulnerable single woman engineer, and now falsely claims that the greedy liar cheater mediocre nayanshree hathwar is an experienced engineer from IIT bombay 1993, to get very lucrative jobs and assignments, when actually she has no engineering experience. All efforts to resolve the issue amicably have failed, hence publishing the matter online will be the only way to ensure that powerful men end the exploitation .

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