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Freelance writing and editing jobs, do not require any additional investment. Sometimes articles are resold and you can get a better price by directly contacting the end buyer.

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Freelance writing jobs in 2014

List of  freelance writing jobs updated regularly


Manuscript Services - Based in UK, but also accepts writers from the USA, Canada and Australia.  Accepts writers outside of these countries so long as they are native English speakers, and have obtained university level qualifications in the UK, USA, Canada or Australia.  Offers essays, ghost writing, copy writing, editing and proof  reading work.  Payment is through PayPal and freelance writing rates are high - from 50 ($89) to 200 ($357) per 1000 words. There are no fees to be paid , only an online registration form is to be filled and a sample of work uploaded.


Be a Guide at About - should be an expert on certain subjects like Bird Flu, Acne, U.S Economy . A guide has to publish a full length article at least once every 14 days and the blog has to be updated thrice a week. Guides are paid a minimum of US$500 per month initially. Compensation depends on number of page views and some guides earn more than US$100,000 a year 


AccuTran Global offers translation (English to Canadian French) , proof reading and editing telecommute jobs.


Edit Fast -  Registration is free. All editors must register by filling the resume builder form, creating a web page,  taking an editing test and signing a non-disclosure agreement. The information provided is personally reviewed and then activated. If assigned an editing job, 80% of the fees are paid to the editor and 20% retained by EditFast. Payments are made once a month  through PayPal

Cyber Edit -  Currently freelance admissions essay editors and resume writers (worldwide vacancies) are required. Effective per job hourly rate is US$20 - $35 per hour, depending on your skills. Online application form to be completed


Writing assistance, Inc - provides technical writers, copywriters, web content, web graphic designers to companies. They charge writers a percentage of the total fee. Applicants to send resume by email


Constant Content - you can set your own price for keyword articles


Associated content - you can register if  you are more than 13 years old, but receive payment only if  18 years or older and a US resident . Payment is sent through PayPal. If content is accepted, payments vary from US$3 to US$40 per article. They accept articles from non professional writers

Feedback from freelance writers currently working for associated content


Chacha - get paid to answer questions, starting pay US$5 per search hour which will increase as the level in the guide network rises. You can join only if you get an invite from an existing guide (check various work at home website forums)


The Write Jobs  - has a section on telecommute jobs


Article Insider  - requires articles from experts on various subjects


Just Answer -  experts required to answer questions on various subjects. Customers usually pay US$5-US$15 per accepted answer and experts are paid up to 70% of  the answer value


More freelance writing , translation, editing jobs


Paid posting jobs at forums

We will add details of  new companies offering work from home jobs regularly.  Kindly note that we do not recommend or endorse any company. Please  verify the  credentials of the company before taking up any work. We believe that any company that asks for upfront or initial payment/deposit for work at home jobs is likely to be a scam. Troubleshoot and fix your computer problems

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