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Though is one of the largest gig marketplaces for people from certain countries, it appears that they rely on ruthless and greedy scammers for verifying the identity of their sellers. These greedy scammers who have been unfortunately given great powers online, will refuse to release the payment for the sellers, unless the seller forms a company with their lazy young cheater girlfriends, a very cheap form of blackmail.

If the seller refuses to enter this humiliating agreement, which is a form of slavery, at first, Paypal account will be disabled. Fiverr also has an option for sellers for receiving payment through Payoneer. However, even this option for receiving payment will be disabled for the seller giving flimsy excuses. The seller had $114 as balance in the account, when the account was disabled without a valid reason.

Opening multiple support tickets will also not help, a seller opened support tickets in April 2014. Have raised Support ticket no. 596611 in April 2014, Support ticket no.598512 in May 2014 and Support ticket 691298 on August 15, 2014 , but have not received a satisfactory reply till date. They insist on scanned id proof which is not applicable for a business account.

Sending a personal identity proof will be risky, which can be photoshopped by the ruthless greedy dishonest identity theft gang which has been troubling this online publisher for more than 4 years, since no data has remained confidential. The identity theft gang has already misled ebay by falsely claiming that their young lazy bsc pass girlfriend sunaina was an ebay customer for more than 10 years, when their liar lazy girlfriend sunaina did not even have an ebay account, to get the lazy liar sunaina great powers and privileges, a permanent government job at the expense of the online publisher who was the actual ebay customer.

So though Fiverr gets very favorable media coverage, do not keep large amounts as the seller balance, since the account may be disabled at any time. A request for enabling the account has been made Ticket #699575 and updates will be posted.

Proof of $114 blocked by

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