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    eBay is  the largest online marketplace and one of the most popular ways to earn an income from home with a PC and internet connection . Selling on eBay is inexpensive and easy to start. It has become the main source of income for thousands of people working from home and an alternative sales channel for small business owners. To open an account with eBay, you  need a checking bank account, debit card, credit card or an email id from a paid ISP.  Other similar auction websites include Yahoo! Auctions and Amazon Auctions.

 While you may occasionally make money on eBay by selling unused stuff from your household or junk sales, it is not very easy to earn a regular income from eBay. Selling on eBay is becoming more difficult because of  increasing competition. Basic fees on eBay  include an insertion fee (minimum US$0.2) which has to be paid, even if the item listed is not sold. There are a few days , when no listing fees have to be paid.  Final value fees are paid only if the item is sold. Final value fees  are a percentage of  product price and depend on the value of the product.  Since a large number of auctions end without a single bid, so you could lose money, if you do not select the product to sell properly.  To succeed on eBay, you should sell products that people actually want.


eBay provides a number of  tools to help you find what people are actually buying

1. eBay Pulse - provides daily information on current trends and popular items on eBay

2. Category wise hot items report  - is a monthly report which lists the fastest growing product categories on eBay

3. Products in demand - provides details of  the most popular products in a particular category.

4. Merchandising calendar - Since eBay promotes certain product categories on its home page each month, there are likely to be more buyers for those products.

You can do your own research on items you wish to sell on eBay .  Do searches on eBay for items similar to the ones you want to sell, and look at the "Ended Auctions" . This will allow you to see how popular the items have been with buyers and their average selling prices for the last few months. For high value items, you should provide a detailed description and many photos. Payment terms including payment method and time limit for making payments should be specified in advance. If the buyer does not meet your payment terms, you can report them to eBay as a non paying bidder.

Tips to increase eBay sales

You can source products for selling on eBay from different places

1. Websites where stock lots are sold like thecloseoutnews.com

2. Import directly from low cost manufacturers in countries like China, Taiwan and Thailand. You may need to appoint a sourcing agent to check the quality of  the products before they are dispatched.

3. Manufacturers or Importers who will sell their slightly damaged or  returned products at discounted rates

4. Retailers in your area who will  sell their unwanted products at very low rates.   

Click here to add this page to your favorites . You can pay sellers for purchases on eBay  via check, money order or credit card, or via PayPal. The sellers then send you the items purchased. The buyer rates the seller for items received and the seller rate you on the promptness of payment. This feedback helps to build a rating system, which will help future buyers or sellers find out if  the person is trustworthy.  If  the items received are of poor quality or do not meet the specifications listed on the website, EBay will help you get your money back. If you paid by credit card, you can do a "chargeback" to get your money back. PayPal is the safest way to pay since it offers instant payment and also gives Seller protection.

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