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Cha cha is a search engine where human guides help you find relevant information. Conventional search engines like Google ,  Yahoo and MSN search  display search results in a few seconds. However, these search  results are automatically calculated using algorithms, and these algorithms are easily manipulated by some website owners and SEOs.  As a result, you have to spend a lot of time to actually get relevant information on a particular subject. Cha cha  is a free search service, where you have to watch advertisement as paid searchers find relevant information for you.

 Most of  searchers work from home and are parents, retirees or students who wish to supplement their income. Cha Cha searchers are  paid to help people using an instant messaging system.  The search guides are paid only for the time they actually spend searching, so a search guide should maximize the searches they do. Since there are a large number of  guides, you can maximize your earnings by working late at night or early in the morning when few guides are are available to answer search queries.


 There are 4 levels of  search engine guides - apprentice, pro, master and elite. Initially, the pay is about $5 an hour, but increases to $10 after you reach the elite level.  If  you have been assigned a particular search query, but are unable to find an answer, you can transfer it to some other guide. Each answer is rated by the asker. You will be promoted to a higher level after a certain  number answers get a four or five star rating. Cha Cha has a blog and knowledge guide to help search guides.


You can join Cha Cha only if you get an invite from a current Cha Cha guide. Since the guide earns a percentage of  the earnings of  guide who join ChaCha through them, most guides will be happy to send you and invite. Most major work at home forums have a separate folder and thread listing guides who will send you an invite. Currently, only U.S citizens can join as a Cha Cha guide. Invites send to or from Hotmail addresses do not seem to be reaching the recipient. After joining, you will have to undergo some training sessions.

ChaCha pays through First Internet Bank of Indiana. Guides receive a W9 form and instructions on how to sign up for your account. For each payment, $2 is deducted as a bank service fee. For transfers to other bank accounts, a transaction fee of  $5 is deducted and funds will be deposited by the next business day.

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