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List of  companies (with websites) offering work at home jobs, feedback from home based workers. Most persons working from home have at least 2 work at home jobs, which usually complement each other.

Data Entry jobs Since there are very few data entry jobs, if you are a fast  typist, you should consider general transcription jobs. The work is similar to data entry, but you should be a good listener.

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Fiverr seller scam - how a Fiverr seller was cheated of $114 by Fiverr.com

General, business and legal transcription jobs  

Medical transcription, coding jobs

Customer Service, support jobs, appointment setting - Answering and making phone calls,  providing product information and customer support through Text chat, virtual call centers.

External verification agents - work from home

Freelance writing, editing, translation, proofreading jobs - get paid for writing articles, poems

Get paid for your photos

Other work at home jobs - Quality rater (Google), Amazon HIT, Record retriever (Parameds)


Online teaching jobs     Online English tutor positions    Search Engine Guide for Cha Cha

Freelance software, writing, data entry, and other jobs

Online paid surveys  - list of survey companies which you join for free and  receive regular payments

Mystery shopper jobs

Jobs for minors, teenagers                  Job boards and websites

Selling on online auctions like eBay     Tips to increase eBay sales

Work at home jobs for UK residents only

work at home jobs

Crafting or assembly work at home   Handwriting work at home

Troubleshoot and fix your computer problems

Work at home scams - how to check if a company is a scam, common scams like envelope stuffing  - Any company that asks for advance payment or has a fee for providing work at home jobs is likely to be a scam


A number of  reputed companies like AT&T,  Merill Lynch, Nortel Networks offer  telecommute jobs and have thousands of employees working from home.  In many cases, the company supplies the equipment  required to their employees working from home . Companies offer telecommute jobs in USA in the categories above. You will either have to fill the online form on their website or send your resume by email. The companies will then contact you whenever there is a suitable vacancy.



Work at home jobs in low cost countries

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